We are proud to support the following charities and have so far helped raise over £2000:

The Clock Tower Sanctuary - (Gnarwolves)

Gnarwolves have chosen to support The Clock Tower Sanctuary through the sale of their exclusive T-Shirts. The Clock Tower Sanctuary is a drop-in service, information, advice, and support service for homeless young people (aged 16-25) in Brighton & Hove. They provide a safe space for young people to engage with their peers and other visiting agencies without the worry of having to share a service with older people who can be intimidating. They offer crisis support services, move-on support, and community involvement through volunteering in the community.

From their site:
Shockingly, in the UK, the average life expectancy of a male rough sleeper is just 47 years old and just 43 for women. We work with young people who are at a critical period in their transition to adulthood to prevent them from becoming part of this horrifying statistic.

The Gnarwolves Shirt will be released on Thursday 2nd March 2017

Devon Rape Crisis - (Muncie Girls)

Muncie Girls have chosen Devon Rape Crisis as the organisation that all the profits will be donated to. Devon Rape Crisis do incredibly valuable work, offering confidential, professional support to survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Devon Rape Crisis Service (DRCS) is a service run by women for women of all ages and all backgrounds who live in Devon and Torbay. It is a free, confidential support and advocacy service. Alongside specialist support, Devon Rape Crisis provide unbiased information on the options and rights of victims. In addition to supporting women, DRCS aims to campaign and raise awareness about sexual violence. They do this through working with the statutory and voluntary agencies in Devon and through facilitating space for women's voices to be heard.

From their site:
We offer this support over the phone, via email or face-to-face, at a pace that you are comfortable with.We believe nobody should have to cope with rape or sexual abuse alone.It doesn't matter if the abuse took place yesterday or twenty years ago, we are here to help.We will always listen to you, and we will always believe you.

Muncie Girls have so far donated £130 to Devon Rape Crisis through the Common Goals project (correct as of December 2016)

Gendered Intelligence - (Martha)

Martha have chosen Gendered Intelligence (GI) as the organisation that all the profits will be donated to. GI increase understandings of gender diversity through activities such as educational sessions and workshops for young people in schools, colleges and other settings, as well as mentoring and delivering regular activities for young trans people. GI work predominantly with the trans community and those who impact on trans lives; they particularly specialise in supporting young trans people aged 8-25.

From their site:
Gendered Intelligence is a community interest company that looks to engage people in debates about gender. We work predominantly within young people's settings and have educative aims. We believe the arts are an amazing tool for sharing our stories, platforming our voices and building awareness around the ways in which heteronormativity regulates and restricts everyone.We place young trans people at the heart of our organisation.We respect that young trans people's lives are rich and diverse, including their gender identity, sexuality, age, abilities and disabilities, ethnic background, faith and beliefs.We are committed to an idea that everyone can be intelligent about gender!

Martha have so far donated £500 to Gendered Intelligence through the Common Goals project (correct as of December 2016).

The Marfan Trust - (The Xcerts)

The Xcerts have chosen The Marfan Trust as the organisation that all the profits will be donated to. The main objective of the Trust is to support medical research so that more is known about Marfan syndrome and its severity. The Trust aims to fund medical research projects that aim to aid the diagnosis and treatment of Marfan syndrome patients. It also provides educational literature on Marfan syndrome to the medical profession and the general public, thus raising awareness of the condition. It also provides peer-to-peer support and medical guidance to those affected and their families.

Marfan Syndrome is an inherited disorder of the body's connective tissues, a group of tissues that maintain the structure of the body and support internal organs and other tissues.

From their site:
The Marfan Trust is the only Marfan charity in the UK that funds its own laboratory undertaking medical and analytical research so that more is known about Marfan syndrome and its management. The results of our internationally recognised research enable doctors and surgeons to provide better treatment for patients in the short and long term. Over 18,000 people are affected by Marfan syndrome in the UK, with many more anticipated to be living with the condition undiagnosed. Our important work hopes to improve the treatment of patients and increase awareness of this condition.

The Xcerts have so far donated £250 to The Marfan Trust through the Common Goals project (correct as of December 2016).

Motor Neurone Disease Association - (Great Cynics)

Great Cynics have chosen The Motor Neurone Disease Association as the organisation that all the profits will be donated to. The Motor Neurone Disease Association is a charity that funds and promotes global research into the disease and provides support for people affected by motor neurone disease (MND). They have over 3,000 volunteers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 150-plus paid staff, all dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by MND, now and in the future.

Motor neurone disease is a progressive disease that attacks the motor neurones, or nerves, in the brain and spinal cord. This means messages gradually stop reaching muscles, which leads to weakness and wasting.

From their site:
We are a membership organisation with over 9,000 members forming a powerful national and local network that provides information and support alongside fighting for improved services. We will do all that we can to enable everybody living with MND to receive the best care, achieve the highest possible quality of life and to die with dignity.

Great Cynics have so far donated £300 to the Motor Neurone Disease Association through the Common Goals project (correct as of December 2016).

The Mumbles Lifeboat Station - (The Arteries)

The Arteries have chosen The Mumbles Lifeboat Station, part of the RNLI, as the organisation that all the profits will be donated to. The Mumbles Lifeboat Station, based in Swansea, has a remarkable history of bravery for over 170 years and its crews have been presented with 33 awards for gallantry. The crews of the lifeboats are almost entirely volunteers.

Donations from Common Goals have been used to help with the refurbishment and rebuilding of The Mumbles Lifeboat Station, which re-opened in January 2014.

The Arteries have so far donated £410 to Mumbles Lifeboat Station through the Common Goals project (correct as of December 2016).

Right to Remain - (ONSIND)

ONSIND have chosen Right to Remain, formerly The National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC), as the organisation that all the profits will be donated to. Right to Remain is a national human rights organisation, founded in 1995, which supports community-led campaigns for justice in the asylum and immigration system, with a focus on supporting people's campaigns for their right to remain in the UK. They are the only national organisation in the UK with this focus.

From their site:
We provide information and resources to individuals and groups on working to establish the right to remain and campaigning for migration justice. We deliver capacity-building training, workshops and meetings with grass-roots groups and networks. Through our communications and outreach work, we expose the human impact of unjust immigration laws and policies, and we advocate for positive change.

ONSIND have so far donated £500 to Right to Remain through the Common Goals project (correct as of December 2016).

PAPYRUS - Prevention of Young Suicide - (The Cut Ups)

The Cut Ups have chosen PAPYRUS as the organisation that all the profits will be donated to. PAPYRUS was founded in 1997 by Jean Kerr, a mother from Lancashire. She and a small group of parents who had each lost a child to suicide were convinced that many young suicides are preventable. The name, PAPYRUS, came from the original name of the charity, Parents Association for the Prevention of Young Suicide. From those early days, people have joined the charity which is now the UK-wide membership organisation dedicated to the prevention of young suicide. PAPYRUS provides confidential support and advice to young people and anyone worried about a young person, as well as campaigning to influence national policy.

From their site:
We draw from the experience of many who have been touched personally by young suicide across the UK and speak on their behalf in our campaigns and in our endeavours to save young lives. Together we believe that with appropriate support and education, many young suicides can be prevented. We deliver awareness and prevention training, provide confidential support and suicide intervention through HOPELineUK, campaign and influence national policy, and empower young people to lead suicide prevention activities in their own communities.

The Cut Ups have so far donated £440 to PAPYRUS through the Common Goals project (correct as of December 2016).

Wood Green, The Animals Charity - (Sam Russo)

Sam Russo has chosen Wood Green, The Animals Charity, as the organisation that all profits will be donated to. Wood Green take in unwanted and lost animals, provide shelter and care, find secure and loving homes, provide advice, support, and guidance for pet owners, and aim to increase the public's awareness of its responsibility towards animals in society.

From their site:
From humble beginnings in 1924 Wood Green, The Animals Charity has grown to become one of the leading animal welfare organisations in the UK.We take in animals of all shapes and sizes! As well as cats and dogs, we find loving new homes for thousands of chickens, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, ferrets and more!

Sam Russo has so far donated £220 to Wood Green, The Animals Charity, through the Common Goals project (correct as of December 2016).