How much of my money goes to charity?

With every band shirt we sell we take £5 to cover the cost of the shirt and printing (we use this to pay for reprints of the design) and then the remaining £10 goes straight to the charity chosen by the band! For T-Shirts which are reduced, the whole £10 goes straight to charity.

With the Common Goals own logo shirt £10 goes towards paying for the printing of the next band design. So once we sell enough of these we can ask a new band to design a shirt for us. Simple.

How long will my order take to arrive?

We will try and get your orders out to you as soon as we can, however please note that Common Goals is run solely by two people who both have full-time jobs. We therefore can’t get to the post office every day. We do try and make it at least twice a week though so we should get your orders out within a few days. We hope that’s ok! If you are in a rush please drop us an email when you order. Thanks.

What type of shirts do you use?

Common Goals T-Shirts are all 100% Organic Cotton. See here for more information.

You sent me the wrong item! Do I have to pay to send it back?

If there is a problem with your order due to an error our end; wrong shirt, wrong size etc, then please drop us an email and we will be happy to replace the item and pay for your return postage (standard postage only).